Talavera sun and moon faces create brilliant wall decor

Casual spaces of living like sun rooms, patios, daily meeting places and family rooms will look fabulous when they’re decorated with ceramic sun faces and moon faces. These decorations add a festive mood to any place due to their wonderful colors. If you need to fill up your home with happiness and grandeur, you need to hang attractive Mexican Talavera sun faces and moon faces to decorate it. Haven’t you still looked into a buying guide that announces the goodness of these lovely wall hangings? If you do, you will usher an era of lots of colors and brightness into your home. You can create some wonderful home décor patterns out of them. These decorative ornamental items are like a link between the traditional and modern eras. Usually, sun and moon symbolize power, energy and eternity. The man believes them to be so, from the time immemorial. When you use sun-moon faces as components of modern home décor, that will definitely be a huge collaboration of both eras. And almost effortlessly you’ll be able to beautify your home interiors and exteriors.

A decorative Talavera sun face

Different forms and types of these sun faces and moon faces offered by Mexican artistry are ideal objects that generate wonderful home decor designs. Have you seen wall designs made using a large collection of Mexican Talavera sun faces and moon faces ? When you go to a shop selling these items, you even may not be able to  imagine what to select. They are so attractive. And no two items are equal as they are all handmade as individual items. They are hand-painted each by the clever artists using bright, eye-catching colors.

Let’s see how these faces differ in form, placement and materials which are used to create them.


Usually, Talavera sun faces and moon faces are circular in shape. In some items, both sun and moon are in the same circle side by side. But most others remain as separate items. And almost all of them are three dimensional. In some rare cases, they’re meant to be two-dimensional plaque-like objects. The entire sun face is surrounded by rays on all its sides. These rays are made like wind-blown flames, petals of flowers or like triangular shaped stripes. Most faces display picturesque designs or eclipses with both sun and moon pictured on the same circle. The full round is divided into two halves in order to design that pattern. Irrespective of the form, all of them are beautiful alike.


They vary according to the place where they’re kept. (either indoors or outdoors) Sizes of them vary depending on this placement factor. The ideal size of the sun face meant to hang right above the topmost place of the sofa should be at least 6-12 inches. It’s a bit smaller than the ones meant to decorate a garden wall. And if you arrange sun and moon faces in a design on the wall, you must take small faces. And if you hang them above the fire place, always select the place 6-7 inches above it. And also, never keep the faces too close to one another in order to avoid congestion. And it would also give a cramped sight. So, just keep a considerable space between them so as to give a spacious look to the room.

Materials used to make them

A tremendous variety of raw materials like metals, ceramics, plastic, acrylic and brass are used to make them. But Talavera sun faces and moon faces are ceramic. Metallic ones are durable and rustic-looking. But ceramic ones are extremely beautiful and delicate. Anyway, material doesn’t affect the elegance, glitter and color they create in any environment. Actually, the stunning appearance of these sun and moon faces are a real homage to the actual sun.

All these Talavera sun faces and moon faces are made by the hands of Mexican artists. Nothing comes out of machines. So, that’s the specialty we see in Talavera products. These creations are worth buying since they rise up due to the hard labor of people like you and me. And the specialty of the soil taken to create them is yet another exceptional feature we see in them. Every inch of these decorative items is full of life blown by the efforts of Mexican workers. They toil hard in order to deliver exquisitely beautiful home décor items to improve the good looks of your residence. They paint the pictures on them with utmost care to avoid any faults that might cause by the slightest mistake done by them. They’re so devoted to the craft they do. So, aren’t these fine creations worth-buying?

Whenever you think of replacing old wall décor patterns with new ones, try Mexican Talavera handmade sun faces and moon faces to light up your dream home. If you’re creative and artistic, you can do marvels with these vital objects. Creating patterns on the walls using them has become the most modern trend now. You may change the old-fashioned quaint appearance of your own home into a sophisticated new look by manipulating these wall décor patterns in the best way you need. Other than just hanging one face on the wall, placing several of them in an eye-catching pattern would give an eclectic feel to the beholders. Such a new idea in home décor is thousand times better than just hanging a framed painting and the so.

Furthermore, Talavera sun faces and moon faces save you in problematic situations such as decorating a hallway. Such places are long, spacious and gloomy. So, much attention could be paid to the methods and materials used in such cases. Sun-faced, three-dimensional wall décor suits best in that. Also, you should use bright colors to eradicate the gloomy look and to break the monotony of the place. Everyone may be highly impressed and elated with the beauty of these celestial home décor designs.

So, would you too give it a try?

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