A Waterproof Option For Below Grade Installations

basement-flooring-installationThe basement provides you with a number of unique challenges when choosing a flooring material. This space is prone to mold, flooding, and cold, and is generally a harsh environment to try and make livable. Vinyl has a variety of characteristics that can help to offset these issues, however, it also has some inherent characteristics that make it susceptible to basement concerns.

Waterproof Vinyl Basement Floors

Vinyl is manufactured in a manner similar to plastics, which produces a material that is completely waterproof. This is especially important in below grade basement locations, which are prone to water damage both from moisture seeping up, and from flooding issues that can occur.

With a vinyl floor installation you don’t have to worry about the effect of moisture on the material at all. However with tile you may have to pay attention to floods or spills seeping down between the seams of the material, and effecting any under layment or sub-floor that may exist below. You should also ensure that vinyl installed in a basement has all of the proper vapor barrier guards in place so that moisture doesn’t affect any other part of the installation.

Installation: Another great thing about vinyl is that it is relatively easy to install, and even an amateur can usually handle the project in just a couple of days. With sheet vinyl you will have to do some accurate measuring and cutting to get the piece into the right size and shape. However with tile it is just a process of adhering the squares directly to the under layment or sub-floor.

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